The Rock-a-Bye Baby: A History of the Rockaway Valley Railroad (Second Edition)

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by Thomas T. Taber, III

Publisher: The Garbely Publishing Company
Released: March 18, 2020
Pages: 76
Format: 6"x9" softcover
ISBN: 978-1-7331566-8-4

All royalties from sales of this book will benefit the continued preservation of the Tri-State Railway Historical Society's collection of railroad equipment.

Constructed in 1888 between Whitehouse and Morristown, New Jersey, the Rockaway Valley Railroad was poorly conceived, poorly engineered, and poorly funded from the beginning. Steep grades, a wildly fluctuating customer base, and a variety of corporate reorganizations ground the railroad to a halt in 1913, and the rails were lifted in 1917 to support the war effort. Today, much of the RVRR is a popular walking trail amongst the suburban sprawl that has overtaken the area.

This classic book, first published in 1972, covers the entire history of the railroad from its inception through its demise. The original negatives for the photographs in the 1972 edition, all now over a century old, have been scanned from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s archives and digitally enhanced and retouched for an optimal viewing experience. Additional photos have also been located and added. If obscure short line railroading is your interest, then this book is for you!