Lehigh Valley - The Final Years: 1965-1976

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by Rudy Garbely

Publisher: The Garbely Publishing Company
Released: January 1, 2013
Pages: 108
Format: 8.5"x11" hardcover

This extensive history of the Lehigh Valley Railroad covers the railroad's waning years, from its spiral into bankruptcy to its inclusion in Conrail. With over a year and a half of academic research in historical collections and original Lehigh Valley Railroad documents, author and railroad history scholar Rudy Garbely presents entirely new information about the last years of the railroad's existence. The text is supplemented with 141 photographs and multiple appendixes that include a full set of Lehigh Valley Railroad financial information and a complete locomotive roster with locomotive dispositions and modern day locations.

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"Mr. Garbely has done an amazing piece of original research. . . . He did a magnificent job in both the conception and execution of this [book]. . . . So few students are interested in business and corporate history, and Mr. Garbely is exceptionally talented at it." - Dr. Richard Saunders, Jr., professor of history at Clemson University and author of Merging Lines: American Railroads, 1900-1970 and Main Lines: Rebirth of the North American Railroads, 1970–2002

"I have just finished reading every page of [this book], and it is outstanding! . . . [Garbely has] presented the facts in a most comprehensive, but extremely readable, format. I had intended to . . . read it at my leisure, but when I got into the first few pages, I found that I could not put it down. For any student of the LV, [Garbely deserves] the utmost credit." - Hays Watkins, former chairman of the Chesapeake & Ohio, Chessie System, and CSX from 1971-1988

“[T]he author has combined his thorough knowledge of railroad history with detailed business and economic analysis. It is an excellent read. . . . I found this to be an outstanding book, with top-notch editing.” - Frank Amato, GPCo reader from Davenport, IA